Continuing our focus on fashion in branding and marketing – we are touching on wearable technology and what’s happening in the fashion industry.

Ralph Lauren has once again displayed why the brand is refusing to give up in the fashion industry! Ralph Lauren presents the

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Polotech shirt. By far one of the most advanced garments that actually is fashionable that could be paired with amazing pieces. “It would be foolish not to play in this game, it is where the world is going,” said Mr. Lauren. who is a son of company founder Ralph Lauren. A few other smart shirts exist but have been marketed mostly by big sports brands like Adidas or smaller, niche performance brands. In my opinion this is a great shift within the fashion community to merge smart technology with high end fashion. RL’s pairing with Apple is a win-win situation and ingenious. The Polotech shirt can be linked with both the Apple Watch and the iPhone.

Ralph Lauren is marking a milestone surrounding technology and apparel. Lauren states that “This is our Porsche 918, our ultimate shirt that is going to halo Polo Sport,” said Mr. Lauren.  When there is a need for a disturbance and game-changing moment you have to bring out the big guns. While technology evolves on a daily basis our now fashion has caught on and is jumping on the wearables bandwagon.  In order to stay a factor you have to not only think outside the box you actually have to create a totally new box with no walls.

With the fast emergence of the digital world paired with fitness it began to be obvious that fashion had to step it up. We can say that workout apparel has evolved with becoming more durable and athletically correct with movements of the body. We see it with the perspiring warming up cooling down fabrics that absorb perspiration and keep the muscles at optimum  temperature to avoid injury.  Polotech is the stepping stone to fashion marrying technology. The Ralph Lauren brand has plans on expanding the new platform to the women apparel as well as suits, ties etc. I look forward to the advancement and wait in anticipation and excitement. This too shall hit the great runways of Paris, Milan, New York, St.louis and many other important fashion districts. Until then keep it professional, productive and classy!

Mario Hunt | COO | Empowered Strategy