Well, it’s October and brands are beginning to look toward the holiday season and launch promotions. Okay, so most retailers begin working on their promotionals in late summer to get ahead of the curve in anticipation Snow Man Folding a Wooden Sale Signfor the season. By that time they have a good gauge of what their break even point will be and what they will need to do to drive sales and push them into the black. The time is now when we start to see what those promotionals look like for different brands across industry.

But for those that are just now beginning to focus on creating those promos, it’s a good idea to start by following this quick and dirty outline:

  1. Look at the financials and recognize what kind of impact you need from those sales.
  2. Set a realistic goal that you want your marketing efforts to provide.
  3. Focus on what items/services will be promoted in the campaign.
  4. Determine what platform will best fit the promotional of said items/services.
  5. Develop a voice, creative content, and drive excitement around  it.

Follow through the campaign to determine effectiveness. Do a little A/B testing to determine which iteration of the campaign is proving to be more valuable. Analyze your data and drive for results.

Cheers to a successful holiday promotional season!

Sheena Hunt | CEO | Empowered Strategy

Twitter @SheenaD1