Fall fashion blogWhat is more important when it comes to your outer appearance? Would you say your hair, or your makeup or eye wear? Would you say your accessories, your shoe/pump? Are could you pose the question  – is it attitude or swag? Am I confident or bold enough? Well to sum it all up “YES” it takes all of these things to properly embody the very essence and understanding of one of the oldest expressions of beauty!

I give you Fall Fashion 2015! I can honestly say one of my greatest moments of the year would rally behind the fall collection of fashion.

You have such flexibility and room for countless layers and patterns, the “true you” can be revealed once the temperature drops. When I say my sister and I live for fall, we have turned Empowered Strategy and Industrious into our very own fall line runway ( our France Fashion week, our New York Fashion week, and of course St.louis week of fashion). I have experienced the effects of pattern vs pattern for the month. Yes, to have a great mind one must have a great eye. When mixing patterns, stripes, solids, whatever your feeling, you must first be confident and bold to pull off the look. Yes, it is fall, but you do not have to stray from colors from spring or summer. It works well with mixing within the strong deep and rich colors that the fall produces. So to stand out and stand within the guidelines of fashion, I always say ‘If you have to question the look it is not for you.’

We will visit France, New York and all the rich fashion from the fashion district this season. Be on the lookout for “Building from the ground up the completed outfit”  focusing on the purpose of the perfect shoe! This will be featured in our next fashion post. And to all our readers remember to always “Dress for the occasion.” How you address, after all, is part of your brand!

Author: M. L. Hunt | COO | Brand Strategist | Empowered Strategy