Personalization is reigning in the world of marketing and advertising. From personalization via geo-targeting to names on Coke cans, we are seeing some form of it everywhere. Budweiser has been in the business of beer can personalization for a while St.-Louis-Rams-MyTeamCan-640x360now, with the most recent being personalized cans for different festivals. Now, Budweiser has teamed up with 28 out of the 32 NFL teams for the 2015-2016 NFL season to create artwork for a team can. These beautiful new designs are available for purchase now at local retailers. As an official sponsor of the NFL, this was a good move by Anheuser-Bush InBev.

These new team cans are a great way for Budweiser to continue to create a hometown feel in every city and motivate beer drinkers to purchase their beer. Beer sales as of late have been relatively flat for most large beer manufacturers as they battle the rise of the craft brew phenomenon. In order to gain sales and continue to reach the masses, the big boys of beer making have taken to acquiring craft brewers and enhanced marketing strategies.

So, before you head home in anticipation of watching your favorite NFL team play, stop at your favorite store and pick up a pack of Budweiser that features your team. It’ll pair well with your lucky team jersey.

By: Sheena Hunt, CEO | Empowered Strategy