Calling all friends, followers, clients, and partners of Empowered Strategy!

We love branding and marketing here at Empowered Strategy. It is our heartbeat, it’s the rhythmic song that sings in our soul. We love to create and cultivate amazing strategies for clients. We love designing beautiful, thoughtful content whether they’re posts for a social media campaign or a white paper chock full of transformational information. We’re passionate about taking our clients’ dreams and ideas and bringing them into fruition. It is our greatest honor!

But as of lately, there has been a notable shift in the atmosphere here in this beautiful United States of America. A shift that can’t be ignored. It’s one that has pushed to the forefront something that has existed in our past but has been disguised since. The issue of race and overall race relations. Now we are not experts on that matter, and don’t believe it our place to say that we are. But we are African American and we know our lived experiences. We know when we see something offensive, it hurts. We know when we hear elements of appropriation, it’s disturbing. We’re passionate and protective of our the Black culture (urban culture as most know it). We don’t want to see it misrepresented or misunderstood any longer. So we are here to offer our help in helping brands migrate from appropriation into appreciation.

Brands know their targeted demographics for particular products, services, etc. They know that you have to market to each demographic in a certain manner in order to hopefully move them to a sell. But, what we have seen, especially on social media, has been lazy tactics to sell to the urban demographic. It has been akin to appropriation and sometimes blatant disrespect. Now, I don’t believe any of these brands are seeing it that way, they believe they are doing what they are supposed to do. That’s understandable, because of the lack of diversity in the room when these decisions are being made they don’t have that voice saying ‘wait…no, this is wrong.’

So, we’ve decided to be that voice. As an African American owned and operated marketing firm, we’re not only going to continue to focus our work around brand strategies and digital marketing, but we’re also going to make our core service cultural appreciation. We’re opening ourselves up to brands that are looking to attract the urban demographic for their marketing strategies. We want to protect the urban culture by ending the exploitation of it.

But not only is this for the brands that we can help, this change is also for ourselves. We’ve limited our voice in our own brand and we can’t do that any longer. We want to speak in our voice and leverage our platform for the good of our community and the country as a whole. By respecting each other, we can begin the unification process. We are a uniquely diverse country and have to ensure everyone feels included, represented, and respected. So, we’re here to lend our help and harness our authentic voice. So, over the next few weeks you’ll see some changes in our voice and focus, but just know we’re still doing our normal stuff (brand strategies and digital marketing) but we’ve added a third, and stronger element, urban culture appreciation. 🙂

Consider the game, changed.

Yours truly,

Sheena Hunt

CEO | Brand Strategist | Empowered Strategy