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In late June, T-Mobile made an announcement that once again has shaken up how business is done in the mobile telecommunications industry. T-Mobile announced its new “JUMP! On Demand” program that will allow its customers to trade in their phone and get a new one with no money down up to 3 times a year. For the mobile user that always desire the latest gadget, this can be a dream come true.

T-Mobile essentially has brought the auto leasing program to telecommunications and I am certain their competitors are scrambling. Since the initial announcement of the Uncarrier in 2013, T-Mobile has done away with contracts, changed the pricing model on phones, and bought new customers out of their contracts with their former carriers. All of these actions are unprecedented in the world of mobile telecommunications.

CEO John Legere has turned T-Mobile around in the 3 years he’s been overseeing the company. Making drastic changes to how mobile operates, forcing his competitors to change, and increasing the number of T-Mobile subscribers by 1.1 million in just the 1st quarter of 2015. Forecasting 3.5 million new subscribers for 2015, T-Mobile is on pace to pass Sprint this year and find its place as #3 in the mobile telecommunications U.S. industry.

With the Uncarrier bringing about so many changes in the mobile telecommunications industry, the mobile user is coming out on top. No matter which carrier a user subscribes, all are seeing benefits with T-Mobile’s industry disruptions. With every new version of the Uncarrier comes a change in the other service providers business model, so sit back and take it in, mobile user. The best may just be yet to come.

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