Branding is big, the days of hiding behind a logo are simply obsolete. In this vast ocean of business the people expect for you to “know” your skill set. Your value has to remain impeccable. It’s all about the authority that you have to own within the atmosphere of a group and as an individual that transcend the simple branding of yesterday.


1. MERIT: Give a clear and concise definition of what can be provided to your audience and customers.

~ What value do you consistently deliver?
~ Transition from “feature” marketing, into the real domain of “benefits.”
~ Reframe your features to enhance the value base of the “merit” component.

2. INFLUENCE: Possessing expertise in your field does not automatically validate success. The questions would be:

~ What is the application process you are executing?
~ How is your knowledge shared to others?
~ If the awareness of you being an expert in a “set field” is not conveyed or    shared, then how will they know?
~ Are you communicating with others?
~ Are you launching/hosting workshops, webinars, informational with other complementary experts in your industry?

3. RECIPROCITY: This involves social media. Great conversations are never one-way conversations, so your messaging shouldn’t be either . Your help is needed, get out there and help others. You need to share other’s content. Comment on what they are saying and sharing. Give great feedback. Always answer the questions that are asked of you, and do so in a timely fashion. The importance of engaging and helping others is imperative to your longevity in the industry. You must at all time illuminate your skill set and expertise in the best light.

M.L. Hunt, COO – Empowered Strategy


Empowered Strategy is a branding and marketing firm based in St. Louis, MO that is focused on creating marketing strategies that are comprehensive and consumer-centric. Our main focus is customer experience and embedding it within the business plan. Marketing is not just a campaign, it’s the bridge between the consumer and the brand. We amplify the voice of the consumer by helping brands identify the path to success by listening to the consumers and creating personalized, engaging strategies that transform.