You know when your voice has been heard when people are talking and discussing your brand. They may even emulate your brand. In order for you to move in a clear successful direction,Music-In-Marketing your voice, the pitch, the message has to spread. The most obvious tool to spread your brand’s voice is via advertising. But advertising  by itself just won’t do. Even multibillion dollar campaigns had failed due to having an unclear pitch. -Starbucks #RaceTogether. That goes to show that just getting your voice heard doesnt mean its going to catch on.

For things to catch on you need people talking, sharing and echoing your brand’s voice. There is major social influence and power via word of mouth of brand advocates.

  • 85% of small business get customers through word of mouth per Small Biz Trend

In fact, while traditional advertising is still useful and effective, it needs to be paired with word of mouth to enhance brand influence.

Differentiation is vital

Competition is very broad and vast. The key is to create and have a strong brand that can reach beyond your competitors’ voice. Two major components of a strong healthy brand are brand awareness and brand image. Brands have the unique opportunity to differentiate in those two areas because no two brands are alike even within the same industry. By showcasing your true self and company identity, you will build a unique voice that can not be imitated by competitors.

Gauging Effectiveness

One way to tell if your brand awareness campaign is working is to use an online survey to determine if brand awareness has increased among your target market. Did a recent campaign move that needle? If you’re a new company, it might be about going from 0 percent to 10 percent recognition. For a more established company, the goal might be going from 30 percent to 40 percent among your target market. Most big brands track brand awareness on a quarterly basis so they can see how their continuing ad campaigns and promotion efforts are paying off.

  • Is your brand recognizable by consumers?
  • At the mention of your brand name, what are the immediate thoughts and words that come to consumers’ minds?
  • Emotionally  – how does your brand make the consumer feel?

There is no question that social media can place you before an enriched audience, but building a  brand and finding the perfect pitch is the key components to getting the “awareness”.

Brand Marketing Consistency

Display and use your brand and logo everywhere you can. Consistency with your look and images are most important as well as your tag line across all media. Repeated exposure brings a sense of familiarity with your brand.

6 Principles to Tune your Voice & Brand

Dr. Robert Cialdini has 6 principles of persuasion that I think could also help with fine tuning your brand’s voice. Focusing on these 6 attributes can help any brand pin down their image, story, and gain influence in their industry. Dr. Robert Cialdini was definitely on to something great when he called out these terms as the 6 focal points for persuasion and this translates cleanly to development of brand voice.

  • Reciprocation
  • Social Proof
  • Commitment & Consistency
  • Liking
  • Authority
  • Scarcity

What tips do you have in fine tuning the voice of the brand, to transition into a perfect pitch that will produce success?

Author: M.L. Hunt, COO | Empowered Strategy

Empowered Strategy is a strategic branding and marketing consulting firm that focuses on creating consumer-centric marketing campaigns and customer experience strategies for brands.