As the year comes to an end, we all will take a moment to reflect on what all has transpired over the 365 days. Well, for brands one thing we will look at is our marketing strategy and it’s success (or lack thereof) over the year. Review of the campaigns and blog image year endmarketing integration will be under review to determine if all of it, indeed, was effective and impacted sales.

More than anything, marketers will look at the focus areas that were implemented and/or enhanced in 2014 to determine their effectiveness. Two focal points have been content marketing and social media.

In 2014 we saw a big push for content marketing. Content marketing was EVERYWHERE! We could not get away from, most brands were using it in as many forms as possible hoping to see the results in their sales. We saw more blogs, white papers, and videos than ever before. Content marketing definitely took a big leap in usage in 2014 and will continue on in 2015. But, it’s key to understand it’s overall contribution to the brand. White papers are helpful for B2B and can prove to be quite beneficial when executed appropriately, but is it impacting sales? How much of the revenue generated from a particular campaign can a brand contribute to a white paper that it shared? These are things that will have to be assessed so in 2015, its use can be better tailored to enhance growth.

Not only should brands look deeper into their content marketing from 2014 but also should look at their social media strategy. Social media metrics should not look solely at number of followers or likes, but rather click through rate that leads to sales and its alignment with the corporate goals. Brands will need to review their strategies used in 2014, and find what worked and what did not to be more effective in 2015. Alignment of social media goals with corporate goals will result in more focused social media postings. Mimicking what worked in 2014 for the 2015 social media strategy will result in lower overall costs of social media.

So, looking back over the year and digging into those two areas will prove to be helpful for brands in 2015. How helpful? Brands could see lower overall costs, increased sales, and more time for creating stronger campaigns.

Take the time, look back, review, dig deep, and find out what your content marketing and social media strategy did for the brand! Then recycle what worked and add a fresh 2015 feel. This is a great secret to true marketing success.

Empowered Strategy Team

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