Marketing in 2014 has been exciting and unpredictable. We have seen the craze of content marketing, the boost of social marketing, and the move to customer experience.

2015 Marketing Trends graphicAll of these have had a profound effect on marketing in 2014 and will definitely continue in 2015.

  1. 2015 will see a big focus on customer experience marketing. There will be more interest by CMOs to break down the silo effect of their marketing and begin integrating departments to have a more holistic marketing approach. This will require Marketing bringing IT, Finance, Customer Service and other departments into the meeting room to discuss marketing campaigns and overall customer interaction. CMOs are finding that customer retention is the best way to enhance revenue, so to make the process as seamless as possible is key to retention.
  2. 2015 will require CMOs to begin aligning marketing goals with the company’s goals. This will mean the metrics will have to shift from ‘marketing-themed’ to become more ‘financially-themed.’ We’ll see CMOs looking at revenue generation from campaigns by monitoring the effect campaigns have on customer attainment, retention, and amount spent. The focus will be on the overall effectiveness of each part of a campaign, understanding what works and what doesn’t, and fine-tuning for the next time around. No longer will money be spent for marketing tactics that do not see results. A true understanding of the entire process and its impact on the customers will be necessary for sales growth. CMOs are now looking (or should be) to become revenue-generators instead of profit centers.
  3. 2015 will see a more intense focused on mobile marketing. With a lot of influencing of purchases occurring at the fingertips of consumers, marketers have realized the power of being at the right place at the right time. Consumers, now more than ever, are using their mobile smartphones to make decisions about purchases and marketers want to be there. From geolocation apps to push notifications, marketers will dive deeper into the mobile marketing arena to grab the attention of buyers prior to and at the time of purchase.

2014 saw some great moves in marketing with most having a large focus on digital. As a branding and marketing company that uses the digital space as its main focal point for marketing, we understand that the shift in marketing will continue for several years to come. The digital space has much promise to it and requires great attention to detail to harness it correctly. Not all companies are prepared to undertake the change, but it is necessary to survive. Marketers today must not only learning how to market to today’s generation but also understand how to market and communicate to Generation Z. This shift happens now. Are you ready?

Sheena Hunt | Founder & CEO, Empowered Strategy

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