Don’t forget on November 5, 2014 Facebook’s Like-Gate ban will go in full effect. What does it mean? It means, as a brand/organization, you cannot force a user to “Like” your page prior to entering into a  promotion. LIKE GATE BANIncentivizing users for liking a page will no longer be an option, now brands will have likes from users who are actually interested in the brand’s content. This will remove the likes from those without real interest in the brand and that have no value, giving brands an opportunity to be in front of users that are true brand followers.

With this change hitting marketers at the beginning of the holiday season, any marketers that were hoping to launch a “enter to win” campaign on Facebook to obtain more “likes” will have to re-think their strategy. Brands push more in the holiday season to gain additional “Likes” because it puts them in front of more prospects which could in turn result in more sells. However, with the like-gate ban, marketers will have to allow their content to speak for itself and to institute other strategies to obtain more “likes.”

How does the like-gate ban impact your marketing strategy this holiday season? How does it impact your marketing overall?