Brand consistency is important in sharing your brand with the masses. Branding is the story of who your company is and it must be conveyed constantly in the same manner across all platforms. Take a look at your branding, are there any inconsistencies seen between your social media and your website? Or even your store front and your ads? These inconsistencies can cause confusion amongst your consumers, which may push them away instead of drawing them in. Consumers today are more connected than ever to brands and what they stand for so being consistent ensures they know who you are. Take a look at your branding tactics, are you telling the same story everywhere? Even if the mode of communication is different, the baseline story should be the same. Understanding how to do this effectively could be difficult to those not familiar with marketing and branding overall. One quick tip that we give our clients when it comes to what is their core brand: we tell them to find 2 or 3 words they want to come to the minds of the consumers when their company is mentioned. Some may say “luxury” “excellence” “family-oriented.” What are yours?