The past four years in marketing has proven to be a game change from the marketing of decades past. With the advent of different social media tools, data analytics, and copy, the line between marketing departments and other departments is beginning to blur. No longer are marketers only focused on the aesthetics of a brand and positioning, but now they are the analysts of data, completing copy for content marketing, and developing new technologies to get the message out about a company. Chief Marketing Officers are becoming Chief Technology Officers. Marketing analysts are finding themselves working alongside statisticians, all in effort to complete and analyze a marketing campaign.

We are beginning to see the changes across large organizations that are realigning their marketing departments to fit the changing marketing environment. The blurred lines have brought in data analysts, technologists, public relations, and other individuals whom have talents necessary to navigate the new marketing terrain. Marketing touches many facets of the business environment today and must have decision-makers and stakeholders as representatives when new strategies emerge in order to ensure the company’s marketing falls in alignment. In small organizations, the marketing department consists of a few individuals, but these few must possess a vast amount of knowledge regarding technology and data analysis in order for the company to thrive. Marketing is no longer what it was 10 years ago, and it will continue to evolve over the next few years. Are you ready? If you are looking to redefine your marketing department and need help, you can contact us at or