We often find ourselves perusing around stores in our lives to pick up certain items. Rather it be a grocery store, clothing store, or home improvement store, the layout of the store is one of the first things we notice as a hindrance or enhancement to our experience. It is often noted that if we find ourselves having a difficult time finding products that we are looking for we may digital graphicleave the store and head over to another one. The same can be said for website navigation as a consumer.

When we first enter into a website, we have an idea of what we are looking for in regards to information desired and possible pages in which said information may be located. Often times we do not have much time to waste and want to be in and out just as if we were heading to the grocery store for milk and bread. However, when we enter a site and there is no clear page titles or the information listed on the pages visited do not fulfill what we are looking for, we often leave the site in disappointment. We now serve as a possible customer that company may have just lost.

In order to decrease the likelihood of losing possible customers on your website, in sure each page title is clear as to what information it contains. Have more important information such as what you do and how to contact you listed on the home page. Contact information can be listed at the bottom of each page in a static state as a footer. Ensure all information about your product or services is well-written and easily understood by consumers. Vague statements could be a deterrent for possible customers so clarity is of the utmost importance. When all else fails, make your site as simple as possible but with all relevant information. After all, this is your marketplace.