Over the past two years we have seen technology become accessories in popular culture. From Fitbits to Samsung watches, more and more technological companies are embracing wearable gadgets that syncs with cellular phones or apps. But we are beginning to see this technology take off in other industries and finding itself as the new platform for content marketing. Business-to-business companies, like Salesforce, are placing themselves on wearablesthe forefront in wearable technology and creating applications and software to help their customers. Google Glass is the latest and one of the most desired wearable technology to come forth offering wearers the opportunity to access internet and applications.

In the arena of content marketing, companies are beginning to utilize these wearable technological gadgets to market their product. We see many companies developing applications that can be utilized on these devices to push them into their company. Mobile-focused marketing teams are refocusing their energy on developing applications that can be used on these devices. These applications or softwares must be something that can be easily viewed by the wearer and location based. These will provide the wearer with a greater experience and move them to action with your company. Wearable technology will be entering the early adopter stage within the next 6 months, so companies that are looking to jump the gun has some time now to do it. Are you entering the wearable technology arena? You can contact us at info@empowered-strategy.com or http://www.empowered-strategy.com.