When was the last time your company uploaded a video to its website or social media platforms? The answer may be unsavory for marketers looking to continue to enhance conversion with the latest in marketing tactics. Videos are fast becoming the best tools to use to meet your target market right where they are. This can be, on their mobile devices, tablets, or laptops via YouTube. Over 3/4ths of adults online has viewed some video within the past year and made buying decisions based off of them. The videos may have been product reviews by consumers, conferences uploaded by companies, or how-to videos and demonstrations. More and more individuals are finding themselves clicking on video content to learn about something rather than perusing a company website for some light reading.

The usage of video is a growing trend that marketers and businesses must latch onto if they want to remain in front of their consumer base. These videos can be located on a YouTube page, company website, and social media with the advent of more of them allowing video upload capabilities.  Short videos about your company, product/service, operations, industry tips, etc…whatever you want to shoot a video on opens up an opportunity to grow your consumer base more.

3 quick tips for using videos as your latest content marketing tools:

  1. Strategize and determine what you would like to shoot a video on. It can be something related to what your company does, video of service projects your team is doing, or a quick interview with your CEO. Open up your minds to determine what story you want to tell your consumer base.
  2. Determine the platform you want to use. Where do you want to upload this video to? Is it YouTube? Well if that’s the case you have to drive traffic to it or find a way to make it viral. Controversial , comedic, or out-of-the-box videos have a better chance of becoming viral over informational, lackluster videos. So be as creative as possible.
  3. The dreaded “m” word…metrics. Determine the metrics used to find out how successful the videos are and the conversion rates. This can be based on how often watched, shares, clicks, etc. Metrics used for other forms of marketing could apply to videos as well, so choose which ones your company believes would be most beneficial.

Now that we have given you some quick tips on using videos in your marketing strategy, you can begin to develop your plan. Be consistent with your brand in any videos produced and ensure the platform(s) used is the one(s) most likely to drive conversion. Don’t be afraid of being slightly controversial but please steer clear of being insensitive (culturally or otherwise). Good luck and happy shooting!

 Sheena Hunt, CEO of Empowered Strategy


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