Content marketing found itself coming to the forefront of a lot of businesses across several industries. Content marketing as defined by Content Marketing Institute is “the process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” Content marketing utilizes different vehicles for communication their information from video to blogs to white paper. It is an opportunity to disseminate your knowledge of your industry and work to the world.

This provides a platform for showcasing what your company is capable of and what it does. It can be used to give a company of proving itself to be an expert in industry without having to go through more formal channels. Content marketing can be seen in social media as links to blogs or videos or sign-ups to receive white paper. It is an opportunity to potentially grow your consumer base and increase your ROI. 

A few content marketing tools that could be beneficial to building a strong consumer base are:

  1. E-Newsletters

E-newsletters are an opportunity to provide your customer base and prospects with an insight into your expertise on different subjects, give helpful stats or tips for business, and to let them know what’s new with you. Newsletters can be sent out as frequently as you’d like and contain any information you think your readers will find interesting.

  1. Video posts

Videos give your prospects and customers an opportunity to see your team at work or showcase a talent that you want to get out. It is a fun way to entertain and educate your base at the same time, while keeping them engaged.

  1. White Papers

White papers are the most popular form of content marketing on the scene currently. Companies are using them as an opportunity to give their customer base a “teaser” of what they could have if working with that company or as a freebie to draw in prospects. It is a great tool to use to showcase expertise and knowledge base. Also, by having people sign up to download a white paper, companies are given the opportunity to grow their email list.

Of the three listed above, white papers is the fastest growing form of content marketing at the moment. It is being used in different industries from gyms to consulting companies. Everyone is yielding this tool to draw in prospects and convert them into customers. It’s a great method to use and could result in an increase in a company’s current conversion numbers.


S. Hunt, CEO of Empowered Strategy:  A Consulting Group, LLC

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