It is officially the new year and all of your employees are beginning to return to work meaning it is now time to begin working out the plans for 2014 goal realization. As business owners and leaders we are all at this point, and it’s actually quite exciting. As a visionary, I look forward to the moment when I can begin to see my goals materialize and become reality for my company. As a management consulting company, we have the great opportunity to work with different clients on developing and executing their plans to see their businesses move to the next level. So we have a few tips to help those who are trying to set in motion the plans to reach their goals.project-plan-gantt-chart-22756284


Evaluate the current state of the company and where you wish to see it after you reach your goal. This is imperative because if you do not know where you currently are, you cannot see how to get to where you want to go. In other words, you need to know your baseline. So gather all information regarding the area that you wish to improve upon, this entail having subject matter experts available and on-hand to assist you in this. The team that will be handling this task should be well versed in the area of concern and have great understanding on the goal at hand.


Once you have gathered all of your information, draw up a detailed plan for goal attainment. This may be Project Management 101, but most business owners do not like to or understand exactly how to draw up a detailed plan. You must look at every step, break it down to the length of time it should take (be realistic), and what all is involved in each step including cost. Use a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to do this. A WBS will be very beneficial in ensuring each step is completed, itsassociated cost, and will capture any issues or gaps in the process.


Accountability! You must have a project manager or someone who is accountable for ensuring this project is completed on time and within or close to budget. Various steps within the process may have require a lead to ensure that the tasks for that step are completed and to report that to the project leader. There should be meetings set at the beginning for the duration of the project to ensure updates are given throughout the process to senior leadership, management, and/or the business owner. This will ensure any hiccups identified at any step are communicated up the ladder and can be rectified if possible, or amendment to the project completion date.

Projects require a lot of time, effort, and energy.  Business owners and leaders must ensure that their team is able to handle this task prior to passing it on because it requires extra time outside of their normal day-to-day responsibilities and time management will be key to its success. If necessary and within budget, business owners may look into hiring consultants to come in and aid his/her team in completing the project. This will free up time off of the on-site team and provide outside insight into the plan and its feasibility for that business segment.  Choosing to have solely an on-site team or hiring consultants, either way there can be a great cost of energy and financials expended in goal realization so remain mindful of that. In order to advance your system, you must be willing to undergo some hard costs!

Let’s put our plans in motion to see our 2014 goals come into fruition!

S. Hunt, CEO of Empowered Strategy:  A Consulting Group, LLC

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